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EMSWORTH HANDYMANRepairs and Maintenance Home Improvements

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Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your needs.  I have worked in the R&M department of Big Sky Photographic Studios in North London.  Tony Forster,  who worked on the programme that kickstarted DIY in the UK,  "Barry Bucknell's Do It Yourself" taught me much of what I know.  I am a sole trader capable of fixing small snags as well as undertaking home improvement projects on a larger scale, including bathrooms, kitchens and interior and exterior decorating. 


2019-2020: This Christmas, I have been involved in the refurbishment of a two bedroom flat.  The kitchen has been replaced and everything has been re-tiled and re-decorated. 

The summer sees a return to work on the deck houses in Emsworth Marina.  This time I've been replacing an exterior ceiling with Knauff Aquapanel.  The work entails removing existing coverings, levelling the joists, screwing on the new panels with stainless screws, taping seams, filling, sanding and painting after caulking the external edges.  For this job I also removed an inspection hatch, installed soffit vents and repaired window seals.

As Autumn approaches there is still time to prepare your house for a change in the weather.  Gutters can be cleared and frames sealed.  The nature of my work tends to shift indoors at this time of year.  I've been re-sealing showers and basins and changing taps this week but will be painting iron railings as soon as the sun returns!



A busy summer working on chalets in Emsworth Harbour Marina.  They're exposed to the elements so need extra special care to be taken when fixing up ready for another season of winter storms.

Examples of Work Recently Undertaken

Updated June 2018

Floor Tiles Laid in Bosham

A tricky job in Bosham laying large porcelain tiles accross a hall, dining room and passageway

Fascia Restored in Westbourne

IThis Fascia was in need of a bit of TLC.  Rotten wood was removed and new wood grafted in.  Wood filler was applied followed by undercoat and gloss

Paving laid

Tarmac was replaced with  paved paths at the sides of the house and around an octagonal summerhouse in the garden

Octagonal Summerhouse surround paved

More excavation, laying of screed cutting pavers and levelling! The next job is to lay a solid oak floor using wood salvaged from when I tiled the hall.

In late 2017 I completed a complete refurbishment of a flat including lowering the ceiling throughout, demolishing walls and installing a new kitchen and repairing rotten timbers before installing a new bathroom.

The kitchen space was created by knocking two shed spaces together, replacing the roof, levelling the floor and lining the walls to reduce condensation

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